Video Logs

This new section contains video logs, aka VLogs. Follow me on my journey to the figure competition stage.

Vlog #1 – 22SEPT12

Posing practice – 2 Weeks Out

Vlog #2 (Part 1) – 26SEPT12

This was a pain in the backside to upload – my own fault for a 10 minute ramble! So, I had to split it into 2 videos. Here’s the first….

Vlog #2 (Part 2) – 26SEPT12

Vlog #3 – Working your butt off

Vlog #4 – Falling off the wagon

Vlog #5 – KW Oktoberfest Classic Show Day

Vlog #6 – KW Oktoberfest Classic Wrap Up

Vlog #7 – Another year older

Vlog #8 – Final Peak Week of 2012

Vlog #9 – Three Days Out

Vlog #10 – One More Sleep

Vlog #11 – Immune System Attack


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