Training Log

Through the links you will find my daily workouts.

I will put the weights I am currently using, without a spotter. I have been training steadily and progressively through strength phases to lift what I do. If you are just starting out, lift to your ability or, even better, find a training partner and spot each other.

Form will always trump weight. I lift to failure, but ensure my form isn’t compromised for “going heavy”. You can get similar benefits by lifting slow and concentrating on the contraction of the muscle group you’re working.

Be smart and work to your ability.

Stay safe.

Delt Destruction

Lats on Fire Workout

Leg Blast Giant Set


Back, Abs and Intervals

Legs, Calves and Cardio

Shoulders and Abs

Arms and Cardio

Leg Circuit and Cardio

Shoulders, Calves and Cardio

Back, Abs and Cardio

Chest, Biceps and Triceps

Sat, 15SEPT12 – Circuit Training with Team O’Brien

Organic GLO and The Crystal Suit Photo Shoot

Shoulders and Calves

Back, Abs and Cardio

Legs, Abs & Cardio

Fri, 21SEPT12 – Chest, Tris & Bis

Sat, 22SEPT12 – Bodyweight Butt Circuit

Mon, 24SEPT12 – Shoulders, Calves & Cardio

Tues, 25SEPT12 – Back, Abs & Cardio

Wed, 26SEPT12 – Cardio

Fri, 28SEPT12 – Legs, Abs & Cardio

Sat, 29SEPT12 – Chest, Biceps, Triceps & Cardio

Mon, 15OCT12 – Chest, Abs & Cardio

Tues, 16OCT12 – Shoulders, Back, Calves

Wed, 17OCT12 – Legs

Thurs, 18OCT12 – Biceps, Triceps, Abs

Fri, 19OCT12 – Shoulders & Back


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