Lats on Fire Workout

Oooh, you’re gonna like this one!

When I train my back I like to hit different angles, but I also do specific exercises to build up the areas I need to focus on, such as building that all important v-taper. Today’s giant set (which was actually done yesterday) covers the whole spectrum, with an extra special exercise that really focuses on the lower outer lats! Building them wings!

Complete 5 rounds of each set without rest between exercises. 2 minutes rest between rounds.

  • Kneeling rope pulldown
  • Straight arm rope pulldown
  • Standing bent over low cable row with neutral grip bar
  • 1 Arm side lat pulldown
  • Weighted back extensions

Here’s what a neutral grip bar looks like:

I finished off with 20 minutes steady state cardio on the stair master.


1 Arm side lat pulldown: Start with your arm overhead. Drop your shoulder, engage your lat, and squeeze the cable straight out and down. Make sure you keep your core tight and arm parallel to your body. Start with a lighter weight until you build up strength in your lower outer lats – and this is just the exercise to make that happen, and grow them wings!

Happy lifting! 


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