My Top 3 Supplements


I am often asked what I eat, how I train, and what supplements I take.  Rather than give away all my secrets, I thought I’d share with you three of my top supplements that have assisted me in reaching my physique goals.

Now, considering I’m a MuscleTech Ambassador, obviously I’m going to be a little biased when I say those three supplements are made by MuscleTech. But, that aside, I truly believe in MT products and their benefits.

MuscleTech is not only a trusted Canadian supplement company (they’re based in Oakville). Those that know me, know I’m a bit of a science geek, which is why I love the fact that their products are formulated based on the results of third party university research and they key ingredients are always dosed properly according to the study findings – so you know you’re taking a product that’s backed by science. That’s important to me, and should be to you too!

So, without further ado, here goes…


Platinum Series Ios-Whey

The foundation of any supplement regimen is a good quality whey. MuscleTech just released their Essential Series line in Canada, and I’m glad they did. With flavours like Peanut Butter Chocolate Twist and Vanilla Cake, how can you not try it?


This stuff mixes instantly! A real plus with any whey powder. There’s nothing worse than finding unmixed clumps in the bottom of your shaker cup.

TASTE – 8/10

I’m a meat and potatoes kinda girl. When it comes to whey powder, I like chocolate and rarely deviate. I was given a sample of Vanilla Cake, so I pretty much had to try it and you know what? I liked it!

Isolates are generally not as tasty as a concentrated whey due to the low fat/low carb aspect, but I was quite surprised with the Platinum Series wheys. Did it taste exactly like it was my birthday? Ummm… yeah, I’d say it was pretty darn close.

For the record, I mix my protein shakes on the thicker side, and only with water.

Per 1 Scoop Serving:




Another “foundation supplement” in your supplement arsenal are branch chain amino acids, or BCAA’s. The building blocks of protein synthesis.

But wait, what about protein powder? I hear you ask. Well, some, not all (see above) protein powders have fillers, sweeteners, dyes, etc. More than 20 amino acids are needed to build muscle. Your body can produce all but 8, which can only be obtained through diet or supplementation.

Without getting all technical, your body goes into a catabolic state while training. Supplementing with BCAAs during training helps to stave off burning precious muscle.

Amino Build by MuscleTech is a powder BCAA supplement best utilized during workouts or cardio sessions. I take a scoop, throw in some glutamine, and drink it while doing my morning fasted cardio. I add in a powdered carb, like Karbolyn, and creatine, and drink it while lifting weights.

I prefer a powdered BCAA supplement to pill form. As with most BCAA’s that come in pill form, you have to take up to 6 of them pre-workout, which I find a little hard to stomach. I also love the sweetness of Amino Build’s White Grape flavour – it’s nice to have something sweet while cutting for a show.


As with any powdered BCAA, it foams up a lot, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m just letting you know so you don’t wonder what’s up when it happens to you. Otherwise it mixes right down, without any gritty residue.

TASTE – 10/10

I prefer the white grape flavour, but I know from doing MuscleTech demos that some will find it way too sweet. If that’s the case, just add more water. Easy!

Amino Build also comes in Fruit Punch and Green Apple.

Per 2 Scoop Serving:

BCAAs 8g (4g L-Leucine, 2g L-Valine, 2g Iso-Leucine), BETANINE 2.5g, SUGAR 0g


MuscleTech Essential Series Clear Muscle 168 capsule_supplementcentral

Clear Muscle is one of those supplements that have always kind of been around, but never perfected. Well, the science geeks at MuscleTech HQ changed that.

Here’s what they have to say about Clear Muscle:

CLEAR MUSCLE™ is a novel, never-before-produced supplement that supplies the revolutionary muscle building compound called BetaTOR™, which is a unique, cutting-edge free acid derivative of HMB and metabolite of leucine. This compound unlocks the true potential for unprecedented bioavailability, effectiveness, and results.

The CLEAR MUSCLE™ formula is the first to contain BetaTOR™, and is only available from MuscleTech® in a clear liquid pill. The free acid nature of BetaTOR™ allows it to digest and appear in the bloodstream quickly, and also delivers a superior muscle absorption rate.


The BetaTOR in Clear Muscle is equivalent to consuming 200 grams of whey protein. That BetaTOR also helps fight catabolism.

I know this may sound hokey, but I put my muscle sparing pre-contest depletion down to supplementing with Clear Muscle. All that hard-earned muscle I built during my off season remained while I cut calories and increased my cardio. I came in fuller and less depleted on the day of the Edmonton nationals, than I have for any previous competition.

The package tells you to take 2 pills, 3 x per day. There is no taste, and the pills are small enough to swallow, with no after taste.

The only downside is; to maintain results you must keep taking Clear Muscle to achieve a steady blood plasma level and ensure that the supplement remains effective. This could be costly for some. But, I see it as investing in your hard earned muscle. Totally worth it.


Whether you need these supplements or not is entirely a personal choice, dependent upon what your physique goals are.

Any supplement is just that: a supplement meant to support a healthy, clean diet and training plan.

In short, you won’t see results unless your diet and training is consistent. Once you have that down, you will be surprised what supplements can actually do to assist you.


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