Onto the next one…

Bon Bini

Hello my loyal followers, and new friends!! I’ve been trying my best to keep you all updated and keep the blog posts fresh. I was getting slack for not posting videos, and now I have fallen behind on posts.

As I write type this, I am sitting on Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles, facing the beautiful ocean, sipping on a Polar beer, getting eaten alive by mosquitos. The boy is under the water doing his very first night dive.

Why aren’t I tagging along, you ask? Been there. Done that!

Post-Show Thoughts

If you haven’t been following along, I did better than I could have expected at the Ontario’s, placing 1st in figure masters, in a class of around 17, and 2nd in figure class “c”, out of 23 girls.

The Toronto Pro SuperShow was a real humbling experience. Going into the day, I really didn’t expect to do that well. I was worried I was out of my league. There was some damn good muscle and awesome competition. It was what I craved though, and the Toronto Pro delivered. Ask anyone that knows me, I’m über competitive, and like to win!

I had the most fun I’ve ever had at a competition. There were over 400 competitors in total, and back stage was a blast. Being a part of Team O’Brien really made the day. The girls are so supportive and positive, and just plain FUN. I even told the boy; the best part about competing is the camaraderie and respect for each other for the hard work we’ve put in. Back stage is a blast.

Off Plan

Let’s talk post-competition…

The last few days have been a HUGE leap away from my “lifestyle” of consistent eating and working out. I haven’t been in a gym in 7 days. That’s a difficult thing to deal with. No, diving does not count as a workout. Not even close! While in Bonaire, we rented an apartment, which comes with it’s own fully stocked kitchen. So, we have been cooking our own meals, but not my usual flank steak omelette, avocado shake, etc.

It’s close though, the flank steak has been replaced by sirloin strips, and I just sauté them with spinach. The rest of my meals are close versions of what I am use to eating, minus the pasta we made last night, and the ribs we ate at a restaurant the night before!

In just three days I’ve managed to regain all my water, and a few pounds to boot! I’m blaming the beer. Yes, I’ve been a little irresponsible with my meal choices and drinks, but I’m not perfect and I think a little R & R is allowed. I just know I have a lot of work to do when I get back, in order to prepare for the next provincials in September.

The point of all of this is to show you that I’m human too. I don’t live in a holier-than-thou existence. I drink and eat like everyone else, I just know when it’s time to scale it back and WORK! But, for today, I am enjoying the small break. And, that’s OKAY!

What’s Next

For the next week and a half I’ll be enjoying some time off – and gaining a few pounds 😉 Then, it’s back on the wagon, in preparation for September 14th, the natural Provincial show in Hamilton.

In the meantime, I promise I will continue to update and post here. If you have any special requests for posts, or questions for me, please please PLEASE continue to comment and contact. I love hearing from you!

Special Thanks

I’ve said it time and time again, but can never say it enough… a BIG HUGE SUPER SPECIAL THANKS goes out to:

– Mindi O’Brien and Dennis Beitler, and the Team O’Brien gang, for your support, guidance, friendship, and tough love xo

– Colleen McConnell of The Crystal Suit, for designing a winner. I had so many compliments on my suit, and I owe it all to this wonderfully talented woman

– Angie Di Battista, for waking up at 3am to work her makeup magic and do an incredible job of covering up my back tattoo. I truly believe it helped reveal the definition in my back, which of course helped in edging the competition. I will be doing a dedicated post about the transformation and how we did it. Stay tuned!

– Absolute Touch, for their excellent spray tanning. If you need to get dark for a show, and want a guarantee it will be the best tan on stage, then Pam’s team is where it’s at!

– The boy. Thank you, Adam, for putting up with my endless weeks of competition prep. For putting up with me being the most boring girlfriend in the world and not going out. For not having time for “us” when I have to fit in those double cardios and workouts. And, for not eating those “forbidden foods” in front of me. Thank you xo

– Ontario Physique Association, for providing a successful platform upon which we can all compete. See you at the next one, in September!


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