Mike Davies Weekend

A Right Proper Ass Whoopin’!

This past weekend was spent working out. Not my normal routine of weights, followed by some cardio (no diss to Mindi O’Brien, trust me!)

No, from Friday night, through to Sunday morning, coach to the pros, Mike Davies kicked me and 30 other girls’ butts by squeezing (what felt like) a month of workouts into three days.

If you’re not familiar with Mike, maybe you’ll recognize some of the photos here of clients present and past. Bottom line: this guy is good, and he gets results.

So, on word he was coming up to visit us Canadians (he hails from Columbus, Ohio) for a weekend-long bootcamp, I signed up immediately!

And, without further ado, here’s how it went:


Registration and a meet and greet, with not much time for niceties – Mike had to establish himself as (in his words) “the alpha male” and give us a taste of what’s to come. He swore a lot, was crass, and UN-politically correct – I liked him instantly!

This started in the form of an hour-long bootcamp in, quite possibly, the smallest studio ever. It was HOT and stuffy within the first 10 minutes – I also felt like I was going to throw up within the first 10 minutes!

Uh oh, if this is the teaser for the weekend, what’s to come??? 

ass kickin'In a word: intense.

I went home exhausted, soaking wet and hungry – for more!

Needless to say, I slept like a baby.


Alarm clocks suck. They especially suck any earlier than 9 am.

Mine went off at 5 am Saturday morning.

The boy got up with me (bless his heart) and helped me pack my meals up for the day – it was a win-win for him really: he got brownie points for helping out, and ALSO got to go back to bed and sleep in until 11 am!

Breakfast downed, meals packed, I headed out…

At 845 am, my group was up for our first workout of the day: conditioning. It was a treadmill workout like no other.

Treadmill bear crawl

Treadmill bear crawl

Did I mention that I’m not a morning workout person? I’m not. Getting up for these intense workouts was the hardest part of the weekend.

Well and truly warmed up, it was time to tackle legs.


That’s just a taster. It was tough, non-stop, and painful. I loved every minute!

Finally, a break, before our last workout of the day: shoulders and arms.


The lovely and amazingly talented, Colleen McConnell of The Crystal Suit was there to discuss competition suit selection, fit and design. It had been a while since I last saw Colleen – I truly love this woman.

Ashley Teeter, Colleen Maconnell and me

Ashley Teeter, Colleen McConnell and me

It was also a time to eat and rehydrate before our next pummelling – POSING, I mean, POSING!!

935539_10152789412055113_1578725388_nThe sexy ladies workin’ it.

photo 2.PNGUmm… Mike… workin’ it!

After the morning’s workouts, shoulders and arms was no less intense. We were constantly on the move – rest is for the weak!

Saturday done, it was time for some bonding with the team at a “family” dinner. Unfortunately, my dad was in town so I couldn’t join them. I will make sure I do next year!

Two days down, one more to go…


What’s worse than an alarm clock before 9 am?

Alarm clocks on Sunday  – even worse when my glutes are on fire! Where have you been glute medius! My body ached.

Last workout of the weekend: back and chest.

27128_652842268075099_1280116395_n 3575_652842198075106_2009013123_n

Big Thanks

The weekend was exhausting, entertaining, enlightening… okay, okay… It was just plain FUN.

We trained hard, damn hard. I met some great girls, and re-awakened parts of me that have been dormant – something I didn’t think was possible considering the amount I train!

photo-2My new “family”

photo-1Super trainers – Mindi O’Brien and Mike Davies

photo 3A rare smile 😉

Mostly , and I purposely saved this for the end, I want to thank Melissa Shadd for bringing Mike to us.

photo 4



4 thoughts on “Mike Davies Weekend

  1. Lisa,
    it was such a great pleasure to meet you this weekend. Very inspiring to a ‘newbie’ like me. thanks for all your great advice…one more question – do you know where i can find online information on posing for OPA figure?

    Thanks again for all your help and hope to see you on the circuit sometime if i don’t chicken out…lol

    Nicki Smith

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