Why I LOVE Costco

No, I am not getting any kickbacks for this post. I am simply sharing how I shop, and why I shop, at Costco. I truly believe they stock their shelves with bodybuilders in mind.

The boy and I are lucky enough to live around the corner from a Costco and shop there weekly. Yep, it’s all bulk food, and we still shop there EVERY week. We eat a lot.

Lately I’ve noticed a change in their behaviour. A walk through their aisles and I notice that they’re pretty health conscious. It’s a nice change from having to avoid the centre aisles in any given grocery store – remember: all the healthy/fresh foods in a grocery store is generally on the outer edges of the store.

You can walk up and down any aisle at Costco and you’ll find good, whole foods. I know there will be some of my followers that are anti-corporation, and I respect that. But, just take this post for what it is: a guide to those looking for excuses not to eat healthy because of cost or supply.

Costco memberships aren’t cheap, but there have a really great promotion with their Executive Membership, which costs $110:

Executive Membership is our highest level of membership. Executive Members enjoy an annual 2% Reward (up to $750) on most Costco purchases, as well as additional values on member services, such as: residential long-distance, unlimited Internet service, residential real estate program, life and health plan, car rentals, custom logo merchandise and emergency roadside assistance.

It basically pays for itself. We received a cheque for $121 this year! As I mentioned, we shop there A LOT.

So, without further ado, let me share some photos from the aisles of my local Costco…

The Basics

Fruits and Vegetables:




  • Vanilla – protein shakes and baking
  • Balsamic vinegar – marinade for chicken and salads
  • Lemon & pepper – on my tilapia
  • Vegetable seasoning – on my veggies (duh!) and to season chicken
  • Garlic plus seasoning (not pictured) – veggies and on my flank steak omelette


I don’t necessarily eat these, but quinoa is a healthy option. I use the black rice in my Indonesian black rice pudding recipe.


  • Young coconut pieces – I haven’t actually bought this yet because, as with any dried fruit, it is high in sugar. But, as with anything: “everything in moderation”, and I assume these would be good to satisfy cravings. I’m sure my coaches would have something to say otherwise 😉
  • Brownie brittle – okay, this is so NOT good for you OR necessary, but OMG! If I’m absolutely dying and need something sweet, I have a small piece of this and I’m good to go.       WARNING: I can stop at just one, you may not be able to…

So, there you are. Obviously this list is by no means exhaustive. There are several other items we purchase from Costco, but these are the basics. Hopefully you find this useful, and it can provide a framework for your next shopping trip.


7 thoughts on “Why I LOVE Costco

  1. haha, my boyfriends parents always have the young coconut at their house and I cannot eat that in moderation! But in case you do end up buying it, just be aware that it’s not just dried coconut, it’s sweetened dried coconut 😦 Glad to see a post by you again!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I go to BJ’s which is similar to Costco’s. I’m there at least once a week and could probably go twice since I have four kids! These veggies always look better than the grocery stores and so do their protein choices! Now if they could only have a section of healthy flaxseeds, coconut oils and all those other little things us figure girls need… Then we would be in heaven!

    Sonia Ryan
    Figure competitor/ mommy of 4

    • It’s amazing how affordable it is. I remember when I used to special order coconut oil online at ridiculous cost. A big THANK YOU to Costco for finally stocking it!!

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