Off Season Update

I'm not a big New Year resolution-er, which is why I didn't post about resolutions and how to stick to them, blah blah blah. I used to make resolutions to drink more water, but then realized how stupid that actually is, and stopped. Now, I just drink water all year round. Duh!

If you are a loyal follower of my blog, you know my philosophy that working out and eating right is a lifestyle, not something you do to fit into a dress for a special occasion.

So, the point of this post is to catch up with everyone, and share some of my challenges throughout my off-season because competition time is just around the corner!


I've been pretty good about keeping up with my training. I workout 5 times a week, with 2 rest days.

My split typically looks like this:

DAY 1 – Shoulders and Calves

DAY 2 – Back and Abs

DAY 3 – Legs (incl. hams and calves)

DAY 4 – Chest (with some back)

DAY 5 – Arms and Abs

DAY 6 & 7 – Rest days, or leg camp on one of the days

20 minutes interval-style cardio after every workout

How my off-season training is really going? Well, some weeks (depending on whether I can get in for workouts while on-shift) I skip legs if I'm going to attend the leg camp classes with Team O'Brien. I don't intentionally do that, it's just how I compensate – if I miss a workout I make it legs, and make up for it at leg camp.

I also know where my weaknesses are (biceps), and what I want to build up (rear delts/back.) So, I make sure I don't miss those workouts.

While I feel strong and lift heavy during the off season, I have weak days which really messes with my head. Last week I may have increased my military press by 5lbs, but this week I have to lighten the load. I put that down to stress and lack of sleep, two BIG factors in growth and progression.


As far as sticking to my plan, I'm pretty spot on. The issue I seem to always have in off season is not being hungry enough for a carbs in my 5th meal of the day. I also find that waking up around noon after a night shift makes it hard to get in 6 meals, 3 hours apart, and get to bed at a normal hour without having to stuff my face right before hitting the sack.Therefore, what I do is eat my meals as normal. When I get to my last two meals, I may skip meal 5 to ensure I eat my egg whites before bed so that my body has some easy to digest protein while I sleep.

On the days I can't get a workout in, or my rest days, I cheat a little. No, that doesn't mean I go out for dinner or eat food off my plan. What I mean is, I eat lighter. My body doesn't need as much food to metabolize and I don't want to store any of the leftover calories as fat.


I'm human. I cheat. Weaknesses, as I've pointed out before, tend to lean towards snacking – especially when I'm working. The culprit: swedish berries – damn those little red gems of delight!! I find that rationing myself helps. I am weaning down from 20-30 a day to just 6. My body is starting to not crave the sugar, but the negative of that is I'm now craving salt, and popcorn is the new evil.

I know, I know, it's all psychological – hmmm, no, actually it's a physiological dependency. I'm addicted. There, I admitted it. And, that's the first step.

If I want to compete and succeed I know what I have to do, and it's down to me to do it. No excuses.

Oh yeah, and EVERY day feels like a “fat day” in my off-season!

How's your off-season training going? Please share by commenting below….



2 thoughts on “Off Season Update

  1. I love you attitude! I train 7 days a week and love, love, love every minute of it! It’s been great for me this time around, it will have been my longest between competitions , it will be a year off in May! My training has been good, I have added some size to transition into Physique, I am excited about the upcoming year!

    During my “off season” I stay on my diet and then add in more calories, dinner with the family or out at a restaurant. I don’t refer to it as cheating as I need to add the calories to grow.

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