Muscle Art

This is a different sort of post. It’s a plea for information.

Nowadays, tattoos aren’t as taboo as they once were – it was pretty obvious judging by the amount of ink I saw at competitions this past season.

But, while tatts are more accepted publicly, there is still some resistance among the competitive bodybuilding community. Just take a look at who’s walking away with the top spots at the Arnold and Olympia, in both male and female categories, and you won’t see anything more than glistening muscles and virgin skin.

It’s no secret, I am a big fan of ink. In fact, I’m currently undergoing a rather large back piece which I will unveil in an upcoming post, and brings me to my “plea”….

I’m researching a future post about tattoos and competition. If you have tattoos and compete, I want your input:

  • Have you been told your tattoo takes away from your physique by a judge?
  • Do you think you would have placed better if it wasn’t for your tattoo(s)?
  • Have you postponed getting work done, until after you’re done with competing?
  • Do you cover up your tattoos for competition?
  • If you don’t have tattoos, what are your thoughts about tattoos and bodybuilding – does it enhance or hinder someone’s physique? Obviously the above list of questions is by no means exhaustive, just something to get you thinking…

If you are in the tattoo category, please send a photo and share your story.

If you just have something to say, well your comments are also much appreciated.

Thoughts and prayers with the families torn apart today in Conneticut.


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