4 Day Training Split – Day 2

How did you find Day 1’s workout?

Hate me yet?

If we’re still on talking terms, here’s today’s…


Day 2

Warm Up: lunges, side lunges, hip pulses 3×30 sec each side, overhead squat x 20 (same as Day 1), wall diamonds (same as Day 1)

Leg Strength: Bulgarian split squat with barbell 5 sets x 6 reps/leg, 2 minutes rest between sets

Upper Body Strength: Assisted chin ups 4 sets x max reps, 3 minutes rest between sets

Cardio: sprint 30 seconds, walk 1 minute x 20 minutes

Core: Turkish get up x 9 per side


Tomorrow is a rest day.

Questions about the workout or exercises? Comments?


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