VLOG #11 – Immune System Attack

Since competing in my last show I’ve been going through a lot of changes – additions to my meal phase, change in work schedule, change in training intensity, and a new tattoo (post on that coming soon!)

All these changes have really given my immune system something to think about, which has made me susceptible to infection.



5 thoughts on “VLOG #11 – Immune System Attack

  1. OMGoodness… I completely understand the acne stress aspect and I’m 42! Try putting a thin coat of Colgate (white) toothpaste on the areas. After trying “everything” i had a dermatologist suggest this (after spending hundreds of dollars on prescription medications, that didn’t really work). It helps to sooth any redness & swelling while taking the oils & bacteria from the area. It’s quite a look… I put it on at night (poor Rob) 😉 xo

    • Ha ha, Colleen. I’m going to try that tonight! It probably won’t even phase the boy, he’s seen all sorts of lotions and concoctions on my skin.

  2. Yep, probiotics by way if kefir milk. Weird tasting stuff but really good for you! It’s milk, but not dairy-ish.
    I know what you’re saying about the dairy, which is why I stopped it ages ago. No difference in my breakouts though 😦

  3. Currently, there are so many acne remedies out there and most of them are classed as antibiotics and anti-inflamatories. Regular soap is best for cleaning the top of the skin. Topical niacinamide is really a great anti-inflammatory for acne.

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