IDFA Round-Up

The 2012 competition season is now “officially” in the bag. Ending with a 2nd place finish at the IDFA World Championships & Pro Universe competition in Mississauga, Ontario.

We picked up our athlete goodie bags and numbers on Friday, at registration. It was nice to bump into some familiar faces from July’s IDFA competition. I also met a fellow pro competitor, Robin Jonkman, and chatted with her for a bit. Then it was off to get spray tanned by Cherry Dolls, the official IDFA hair, tan and makeup ladies.

We all know the troubles I’ve had with tanning this competition season, and I’ve come to the realization that it’s all my fault. Yep, tanner and my skin just don’t get along. I take forever to dry. I think it’s a combination of the number of layers required to get dark and the fact I don’t take the time to dry each layer before applying the next. This isn’t a problem for the average person, it is for me. It’s also hard to ask the spray tanning ladies to allow each layer to dry in-between coats, they have a lot of people to get through. I’m just not one of those people that feels comfortable asking for “special treatment”. Like I said, “it’s all my fault.”

With that being said, I left the spray tan room with my skin still a little tacky, and still had not dried two hours later! However, my tan managed to “stick”, with just a few touch-ups needed on my chest on show day. This was the best tanning result this season! Thanks to Flea and Cherry!

The pro and open division judging didn’t start until 6pm on Saturday, so I had time to chill during the day. So, I headed over to the venue to support the novice competitors. My girls, Jill Pasma, Monica Winn, Jane Baker, and Brenda Cappadocia all took home trophies – awesome job, girls!

If they gave awards for best smile, Brenda would win it hands down!

Is your computer screen burning? The super HOT Monica and Jill

Supportive sisters, Sally and Jane. This was Jane’s (right) first competition! 5th place!!

Then, it was time to get ready for my turn on stage. I headed back over to the venue, of course with my “Show Sherpa”, aka The Boy. I had a pretty good cheering section too – the girls from Team O’Brien came out to support me, and my buddy from my gym (yes, THAT one) Alistair turned up too!

Team O’Brien beauties – Jen, me and Mandi. Thanks for your support girls! xo

The most amazing thing happened, this lovely lady came up to me with her boyfriend, during intermission, and said she follows my blog! It was so crazy, I can’t remember her name. If you’re reading this, please comment below and remind me! It was such a pleasure to meet you.

We shoved a black bean brownie in her hand, and posed for this photo.

Totally humbling to chat with total strangers who know me through my blog. Thank you for following, and THANK YOU for coming up to me to chat! And, again, I’m sorry for not remembering your name. I DO remember that you drove all the way from Guelph to go to the show! Thank you, and good luck with your goals. If you need any advice, I’m an email away.

The incredible – and tireless – Colleen McConnell of The Crystal Suit took care of all of us backstage. This woman has never ending energy!

I fell in love with Sally – and her suit – at the July IDFA competition!

Time to hit the stage.

Waiting to be called out onto the stage

Here are some shots that Mandi took. Tough competition. Great girls.

And so, that’s it for this year – and as a Pro competitor with the IDFA federation. I have to relinquish my pro status to continue through the ranks of the Ontario Physique Association, and ultimately to the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building).

I’ll take some time to relax, just a little, then back at it for an effective off season. I can’t wait to get started on my training for next year’s OPA Provincials!

Bigger, better, faster, STRONGER!

In the meantime; please keep following, keep commenting, and keep working out.


Me and my little lady. Check out her earrings! BLING!!!


5 thoughts on “IDFA Round-Up

  1. Hi Lisa!
    It was great to meet you at Saturday’s show. Thank you for chatting with me during your intermission – it was very motivating to meet you.

    Thank you for the high protein brownie (and thank you Jenn for the recipe), it was amazing. To anyone reading this that hasn’t made them yet – they are delicious!

    Do you have a date in mind for your next competition?


    • Wait a minute – I made those brownies FOR Jen lol!!
      I knew your name started with a “B”, sorry I couldn’t remember the rest… The boy even asked me tonight if you left a comment with your name lol – glad you got back in touch. And, it was great to meet you too!

      Next competition will be OPA Provincials next year! Think the first one is in June, then another in September. I keep saying, “only 2 next year” – but things change, and I LOVE competition!

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