VLOG #7 – Another year older


5 thoughts on “VLOG #7 – Another year older

  1. Happy birthday! I had the same injury last year (rectus femoris torn at the ilioc ridge) but I couldn’t do anything for like 2 weeks. So I’m glad you aren’t completely screwed over by it 🙂 and steak is good for you!!! Listen to your boyfriend. You have been working so hard your body probably appreciated a rest. Love the nails and I’m so excited to see the results of your final competition. My fingers are crossed too 😉

  2. I turned 34 in August and I FEEL the same way about getting older!!!! It doesn’t help that I’m noticing fine lines and that I have to cover my gray every four weeks!!! But we are doing everything we can to keep aging at arms length by eating right and working out. If we have to age, we might as well look our best as it happens!!! Feel better!

    • I would kill to be 34 again! Lol. But, in all fairness, I know I don’t look my age. I’m just feeling panicky that I’m even closer to the dreaded 40!

  3. Happy birthday Lisa, I am a Scorpio girl too, my bday is in a few weeks, 39!!!! I tried your Greek yogurt frosting recipe and will be eating it on top of my homemade chocolate protein bars as my birthday cake this year, so yummy :).

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