VLOG #6 – KW Oktoberfest Classic OPA Wrap Up

Another competition in the bag.

An extra special thanks to:

  • Melissa Shadd for putting on such a great event
  • Colleen McConnell of The Crystal Suit, for putting up with my constant umms and ahhs in the suit design process – and for making exactly what I wanted!
  • Sheldon Joseph and Gavin Skerritt of Organic GLO, for helping me GLO on stage
  • Pam Bortmes of Absolute Health & Fitness for sorting out my tan issues!
  • The OPA judges, who have the hardest job of all!
  • “The Boy” for being my show sherpa 😉
  • You guys, my blog followers, for supporting me along the way

Check out Rose’s blog “On The Go Fitness” here.


4 thoughts on “VLOG #6 – KW Oktoberfest Classic OPA Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for the huge shout out! And my boyfriend got all giggly when you mentioned him. I think he’s pretty darn fabulous as well. I had a pretty busy weekend but will be posting the photos on the blog tomorrow. Congrats again. And happy early birthday!

  2. Im going to have Lisa withdrawls this week…been such a blast competing with you. And most important, I made a great friend. Kick ass this upcoming show girl! You got it! I love your blog….such a kool Kat you are

  3. this took a bit longer to send out then expected…
    first off congrats on your accomplishments and i hope that trophy case grows larger. your site is awesome and provides a ton of good info for all those interested in a healthier lifestyle.
    you have motivated “my girl” to no end and i can only imagine how many others you have as well.
    thank you for your time, putting up posting, VLOG’s, recipes, workouts, rambles and more. i know life is busy for yourself and its means a lot to me and no doubt others that you put out this site.
    also a special thanks for taking some time out of a busy show day to say hey to a new fan of yours.
    lets see how wide this community can grow!

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