One down, one more to go!

Fouad Abiad OPA Open Wrap Up

Well, if you’ve been following all along, you probably know I did quite well at the show.

I took 1st in my figure medium class, 1st place in masters figure (age 35+) and 1st place overall.

As you can guess, I’m pretty darn happy. I worked hard, and brought my best to the stage. I’m a firm believer that if you are honest with yourself, put your best effort in, then you are deserving of your rewards.

I worked hard. Damn hard.

The Trip

The boy and I packed up and headed to Windsor around 1:30pm on Friday. We had to be there between 5-6:30pm for registration, we rolled into town around 5:30. As we were driving through downtown, I spotted a friend I went to police college with, she was on foot patrol with another officer – talk about timing! After a brief chat, I arrived at the venue on time.

As I changed into my competition suit my nerves started to kick in, and I began shaking. Wtf?!?! I was really nervous. They confirmed my height – 5’4″ on the dot – and checked to ensure the bum of my suit met their standards and covers what it should – I passed. I was given my number: 148, and waited for instructions for the next day.

I started to relax once I saw a familiar face.

Agatha is a fellow “Team O’Brien” girl I had met at a leg camp and posing class day. Once I started chatting with her, the nerves subsided – a little. I hadn’t really talked to Agatha before then, and I was relieved when she recognized and approached me. She’s such a sweet girl, and a true inspiration for anyone. A few years ago Agatha weighed 207lbs. One day, she decided enough was enough and made the decision to lose weight. And boy did she! She lost all of it. And, she did it the right way – SLOWLY, by cleaning up her diet and exercising. Please take a moment to read her story here.

Sleepless Night

After registration, we checked into our hotel room. I had my spray tan booked for 7:30pm, and it was already after 7pm. It started to rain, which had me more than paranoid about ruining my hair – which I had my hairdresser, Kat Marcus, blow out Friday morning, before leaving Toronto – I was also worried my tan would “run” on the way back to my hotel.

As I made my way to my appointment, I ran by another girl who shouted out my name… Huh? I don’t know anyone else in Windsor, and I didn’t recognize her. How did she know my name? She introduced herself as Jenn, and said Mindi told her to keep an eye out for a girl with a shaved head. Me 🙂

Jenn’s also a Team O’Brien girl – and a fellow cop. She told me Mindi said we’d hit it off. And she was right!

Spray tan done, I headed back to my hotel, but I wasn’t 100% dry. When I got back to my room and changed into my silk robe to complete the drying process (silk doesn’t make you sweat and doesn’t stick to the tan). I was horrified to see the top of my pants rubbed the tan off all the way around my waist. Ugh?! It was a mess. To make matters worse, I left my touch up kit in the tanning room. Luckily, the boy was heading back from dinner, and stopped by to pick it up for me.

That night, I tried to stay in one place while I slept, for fear of turning the white hotel sheets the same colour as my spray tan. I made a real conscious effort to sleep in one position, on my back, and remain still – I’m a stomach sleeper, and not very still. Needless to say, I woke up frequently throughout the night. I was also afraid that I’d wake up late for my tan touch up, which was scheduled for 7:30am.

Long Day

I was up at 5am Saturday morning. I still wasn’t sure what colour I was going to do my eye makeup, and needed time to get ready without feeling rushed. I went for a black and silver look, which kind of matched my suit.

At 7:30am I headed back over to get my tan touched up. Afterwards, it still didn’t look “set”, but I had to deal with it and hope that it wouldn’t be too noticeable under the bright stage lighting.

I arrived at the venue just after 9am. My dad was already there, and he and the boy found a place to sit in the theatre to watch the pre-judging, while I headed backstage to chill, eat dry oats and rice cakes, and await my classes. The figure category was second last to be pre-judged. Agatha and Jenn were already there. We found a spot on the floor to sit and chat.

Finally, around 10:30am, we were told to get oiled up, and begin pumping up for pre-judging. I surprisingly didn’t feel too nervous, and was surprised when my muscles actually filled out! I was unable to get a good pump at my last show, for love nor money.

Figure short was up first, followed by mine, Figure Medium. Out on stage my nerves really kicked in and I could feel my mouth shaking!?!? But, there’s something about being on stage I love. I know I worked hard to get there, and am proud to show off my hard work. I brought my absolute best. The rest of the height classes went out after mine, then Figure Masters, my second class. 8 of us went out, and it was a tight field. I had some good competition.

Pre-judging done, we now had until 6pm, the night show, to rest, eat, whatever. The hard work was done, the judges pretty much have their mind made up after pre-judging, but that doesn’t mean it’s the final line-up, and a lot of damage can be done in the 6 hour break. I had a medium coffee and grazed on dry oats, hoping not to bloat from the excess water. I may have eaten a Timbit… or two…. I cruised around Caesars Casino with my dad and the boy, and watched them eat lunch.

My tan was an absolute mess – blotchy, streaky, etc., so I headed back to the venue to fix it up around 4pm. Jenn and Agatha turned up not long after.

The show finally got underway around 6:45pm. By this time, my tan had completely gone south. It was a total mess. I almost didn’t want to win, for fear I’d look like I had some sort of unique skin disease in photos,.

They switched up the order for the night show, which meant figure would go up early. This time, when we headed out on stage, instead of just going through our quarter turn comparisons, we first stepped out on our own and strike a few poses.

I both love and hate this part: I hate being absolutely on my own on the stage, with all eyes on me. I love the feeling of confidence I dig up from deep within to do it.

I got first call-out in the figure masters category, which meant they liked me – I didn’t hear my number at first and had a little blip of defeat, thinking I just wasn’t good enough this time around. Once every class did their mini-presentations, it was time to hand out the rewards. We were all asked to line up off stage and wait to hear if our number gets called.

I placed 1st in my height class, figure medium!

Okay, one down, one more to go…

Jenn won her height class, figure short! Woo hoo! Agatha placed 3rd in hers! Go Team O’Brien!!

Figure masters was called… 5th place… 4th place… still didn’t hear my number… 3rd place… 2nd place…. uh oh, maybe I didn’t place…

1st place…

“Competitor number 148, Lisa Moskaluk!”

What!?!? Two 1st places!!! Amazing. I was humbled. It was a tough field.

Now… overall…

I was up against Jenn and two others. Jenn’s a tough competitor. The boy was pretty confident it was Jenn’s, and I was happy to lose out to her. She looked amazing!

The organizers and sponsor rolled out a spin bike, top prize for Figure Overall.

All us girls stood off-stage holding hands, wishing each other luck – and it was genuine.

“Figure competitor number 148, Lisa Moskaluk”

WTF?!? I won. I f*!king won overall!! Incredible. What an amazing feeling.

The best part: I could hear my 71 year old dad shouting the loudest, from the back of the theatre.

Now, how the hell do I get this bike home!? lol

Post Show

The show finally wrapped up around 10:30pm. What a long day. We “posed” for some candid shots backstage, and said our goodbyes – we will see each other at the next show, KW Oktoberfest Classic, in Kitchener, next Saturday (October 13) – and I can’t wait!! What an amazing day, with some amazing people.

Jenn, and her hubby, graciously allowed me to take a shower in their hotel room – there’s no better feeling than washing away oil, spray tan and all that makeup after a show. Ask any competitor.

The boy and I finally rolled into Chatham, where my dad lives, around midnight.

I went straight to bed.


9 thoughts on “One down, one more to go!

  1. Lisa I love your blog.
    I remeber Squeezing hands backstage waiting for them to call out the overall winner. I beleive after they called your number as the overall winner u said “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. Ha ha.

    As a competitor wanting just as much as the same callout I am trilled it was given to you my friend. So Well deserved! You earned it!

    See u in Kitchener girlfriend 🙂

  2. You’ve really captured the excitement of being there with this post! Thanks for sharing. I got butterflies just reading this. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sally! I always wonder who cares about what I have to say as I’m writing posts. It’s nice to get feedback from you guys 🙂

  3. After reading this post I have two things to say: 1- you looked awesome and deserved every ounce of achievement you got that day and 2- you have actually managed to write this so I felt the anxiety you were going through. I know I’ll have major butterflies when my turn comes. It was so nice to meet you today. Congrats again.

    • Absolutely great to meet you! Thanks for coming up to talk to me, it’s so nice to put a face to online words 😉 And thank you for your kind words. Stay tuned for a post from the KW show…

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