Are you working it?

I can’t stress the importance of mind-muscle connection enough. It’s vital to really build and tone what you want, and a key to avoiding injury in the gym!

Building my gluteus has always been an area I struggle with, and I discovered it’s because I’m hamstring dominant – which is pretty common. What I mean is, I’m recruiting my hamstrings and quadriceps to do the work of my gluteus. So, I paid a visit to the über intelligent Dave Potter, at ISM (Institute of Sports Medicine & Wellness Centre), in Toronto.

He had me do a few bodyweight squats while taking a look at my form from all angles. He then had me lie face down, hooked me up to an EMG and had me perform a series of leg lifts. The graph that I produced clearly showed my hamstrings engaging first to lift my leg, when it should have been my butt doing the work!

Bad butt!! Bad, bad, butt!

So, he sent me home with some homework… a couple of exercises which can be found on my Training Tips page.

And, would you believe it? They work!

And, if you still don’t believe it really works? Here’s some science.


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