Gym pet peeves

I came up with the idea for this post while I was working out at my gym the other day.

Let me explain… I like to go to the gym and workout. I don’t like to stop and chat, I don’t like to look around and see who’s there. I just like to get lost in my own thoughts: lift heavier, work harder, you weakling, etc…. and just get ‘er done.

However, as I’m trying to do that, other thoughts creep into my head…

Gym pet peeves.

I got through a pretty long list, then asked others what their gym pet peeves were.

This was the result (in no particular order):

  • Pumping each rep: you know, swinging your body and arms to get that weight lifted. Solution: lift lighter, the weight is too heavy. Or maybe you saw someone do that once and thought that’s how bodybuilders lift. News Flash: it isn’t! It just shows you have terrible form – unless you’re going to work the negative, then ignore the first part of the comment.
  • Not putting weights back: you’re strong enough to get them out, I KNOW you’re strong enough to put them back. Treat the gym like your mother’s house, boys. Unless of course you’re mother follows around behind you and puts everything away for you! 
  •  Slamming weights down after a set: Really?? Is that necessary?? You lifted the weight up, why not get the full benefit of the lift and control the eccentric movement? You’re a bodybuilder, aren’t you?
  • Not cleaning equipment after you use it: Gross. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to use a bench for reverse flyes, or some other prone position exercise, and was faced with someone’s sweaty crotch mark. Oh yeah, I just went there.
  • Spreading out across 10 different machines/not allowing setting in: Don’t you hate it when there is only two of you in the whole gym, but you can only use two pieces of equipment – neither of which you need – because someone is doing a circuit and won’t share by allowing you to set in? You know who you are…
  • Talking(!?!?): C’mon! I’m not exactly a “gym snob”, I just want to focus on my workout. Rest periods shouldn’t be 10 minutes anyway!
  • ILS: Invisible lat syndrome. Often executed by the same monkeys that can’t put their weights away after them, or throw the weighs to the ground. Stop it. Just stop it!
  • Primal screamers: talking to the same group of monkeys here… A primal screamer is someone who grunts, unnecessarily, through a rep. Sure, a little grunt is sometimes required to get that weight up, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.
  • Bad form: See first point… There is no excuse for bad form. Lighten your load. Focus on our lift – instead of thinking about who may be watching you lift that too heavy weight!
  • German towel syndrome: Not being xenophobic here, but you know what I’m talking about, right? Those people who leave their towel (water bottle, training log, etc.) by popular equipment, because they’ll be back… just not yet. Apologies if I offended anyone… 
  • People who stand next to the only available adjustable bench and do standing dumbbell flyes (!?!): Yes, girls, I’m talking about you! – These are the same two girls who give everyone dirty looks if they do the same.
  • People who use the only available benches for their rest period between standing exercise sets: Yep, you again, girls!
  • Use seats and benches to rest their precious water bottles: The boy is guilty of this one… His excuse: it’s too far to reach down to the floor to pick up.
  • Smelly people: There is such a thing called: deodorant. Give it a shot. I know you’re feeling all “primal” “throwing” those weights around, but stale sweat is not the same as sexy pheremones.

5 thoughts on “Gym pet peeves

  1. I have been working out at a gym for 18 yrs, now just to stay fit, but at one time pretty hardcore. I don’t get bothered by any of your pet peeves, other than the not cleaning your equipment after use, my big pet peeve are the women that are obviously there to socialize and pickup, as they are there in full makeup and skimpy little outfits, please go to the dance club for that!!

    • Ooh, I like that one! I totally agree about the full makeup – don’t you know that it’s bad for your skin to sweat with all that makeup on?? Oh wait, they’re not really working up a sweat are they? Lol

  2. If I’m at the gym after work I use a makeup wipe to remove foundation, but leave eye makeup on, the wipes never get it off, and so it’s easier to leave on, so I’m afraid I’m guilty of the makeup one. But, I do sweat & work hard, and always wipe equipment down. Eeww, gross, I hate it when others don’t.

    • Oh, I totally have to have mascara on when I workout – I NEVER leave the house without it! lol
      I think Tamara just means the girls that don’t actually workout… they just go to the gym and look pretty 🙂

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