Sat, 22SEPT12 – Bodyweight Butt Circuit

I had to go into work for a few hours this morning. The boy was going to pick me up from the station afterwards, so that we could head up to “rancho relaxo” (his parent’s house in the country) for a BBQ. So, I only had a short time for a full body, leg conditioning kind of workout.

This was it….


Workout completed as a circuit:

  • Glute activation exercises (Prone) – 10 rep pulses + 5 sec holds x 5 reps
  • One leg bodyweight deadlift > to inch worm > to push up – 10 reps total
  • Bench jump burpee push up: power jump up to a bench (make sure it won’t slide across the floor) with both feet, hop back down and into a burpee push up – 10 reps
  • Jump lunges – 30 reps (15 per leg)

Repeat circuit 3-5 times.

Followed by a final glute activation exercise – One-legged wall squat

I only had time to fit in 3 rounds, and I was sweating and out of breath!


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