My first photo shoot

It’s funny… I’m one of those people that isn’t overly girlie – I mean, I love makeup and all that, but I’m a tom boy at heart. I like mucking in and getting dirty. I don’t have a “sexy look”, and if someone asks me to look serious, I laugh or giggle self-consciously. Which is why I was both dreading and looking forward to today’s photo shoot. It was for my sponsor, Organic GLO, and The Crystal Suit, and I was more afraid of disappointing them with my awkwardness, than the shoot itself.

Bodybuilder Gavin Skerritt, Mr GLO Sheldon Joseph, and Colleen “Crystal Suits” McConnell

The other GLO girls were great, each with a story of their own. Jill Pasma and I had a really nice chat between shoots. Not only is she super gorgeous and have the longest legs in the world, she’s been through some struggles to get here and is one strong lady! When she writes her book, I’ll be the first in line at her book signing.

It was pretty weird having someone else do my hair and makeup, and I couldn’t help trying to do it myself. I always feel awkward when people do things for me. I’m not a very good patient.

Yanki Yuksel is a fantastic photographer. His calm demeanor had me instantly at ease. He talked me through the poses.

And, as the day went on, I became more comfortable with each shoot.

Even got better at my “sexy pose”…

Still working on my “Blue Steel” look. (Cue Zoolander reference)





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