Preparing Food for a Busy Life

I used to work 7 days a week – there was my “day job” at the radio station, where I would work from 4am until noon Monday to Friday, then my weekend job as an ambulance dispatcher, working 12 hour shifts – yep, days AND nights. Throw in my volunteer work, which required a once a week shift commitment, and there was very little time left to workout, have a life (!?!), and eat well. But, I did it, I didn’t whine about it (too much), and I’m about to tell you how.

Ok, I don’t have kids, but don’t you think the above hours and life is a sorta equivalent? Just work with me here…

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Set one day aside and cook in bulk – I cook a bunch of chicken breasts and fish filets at the same time.

I also steam a bunch of different vegetables. I like to keep them slightly under cooked so that when I reheat them they don’t go mushy.

I bought this cooler bag from Popeyes (supplements store), but you can also buy them online here. (Nope, I didn’t get mine for free for saying that either)

It’s awesome. It fits all of my meals for a 12 hour shift. There’s a top compartment for supplements, but that’s where I keep my dental floss lol. It also comes with two ice packs that slip in either side of the food compartment, and surprisingly keeps my food cool for a long time! That’s key when you work out of a car for 12 hours.

I get everything out on the counter and then just start dishing it up. (The corn on the cob is the boy’s food.)

While I’m preparing that, I mix up my avocado shake and scoop out my workout BCAA’s.

Above are 4 meals, eaten 3 hours apart:

  1. Avocado shake
  2. Chicken breast, sweet potato and vegetable – with chia seeds sprinkled on top
  3. Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese and mixed nuts
  4. Tilapia filet with two different vegetables

And whatever doesn’t make it into the containers, he takes care of…


8 thoughts on “Preparing Food for a Busy Life

  1. This is how I do it, too. My husband and I both used to work full days, now i stay at home . I still follow the system, though, preparing and portioning out a work week’s worth of food Sunday afternoon for all of us and taking the time during the week to focus on other things, like family time and exercising.

    • Hi Todd, you just reminded me that I meant to do a review of that bag… hmmm… can’t remember why I haven’t. Maybe because I did this post instead. Who knows how my brain thinks sometimes! lol

      I LOVE it! That size cost me about $70. I found it at Popeyes in Newmarket, but I think any Popeyes carries it. They also have larger sizes. It goes everywhere with me and fits perfectly on the seat beside me in the cruiser!

      • i will have to check it out. from the pics it looks about the size of a duty bag.
        it would be useful for even me and my shifts and commute.
        and as for why you havent done a review on the bag lets see… you work full time (shift work at that), train full time for back to back shows, have a cute boxer to care for, you have a ton of food to prep and make, you are writing a BLOG doing VLOG’s getting probably a ton of emails and comments, there is thing called sleep, time with “the boy” and oh and something called life.
        So, dont worry about not doing a review at this point. Its time will come…

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