Fri, 14SEPT12 – Chest, Bis & Tris


Decline bb press 80lbs x 10r

Incline db press 30-35lbs x 10r + push ups x 15r

Cable crossover 17.5-20lbs x 15r

Flat bench db press: 25/30/35lbs x 12, 10, 8r -increase weight each set


Cable curl 50lbs x 10r

Incline curls-palms up 15lbs x 10r (2 sets)


Close grip bench press 65lbs x 10r + cable pushdowns 70lbs x 10r (2 sets)

Single arm reverse grip cable pushdowns 25-30lbs x 10r (2 sets)

Wide grip cable pushdowns 55-60lbs x 8-10 reps (2 sets)

Just in case: bb = barbell, db = dumbbell


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