Sun, 09SEPT12 – Leg circuit & Cardio

Ugh, today was worse than yesterday. I didn’t get a solid night’s sleep last night, waking up throughout the night, and felt really low on energy all day.

Sleep is so important. That’s when all the good stuff happens, such as muscle repair! I’ve been going pretty heavy lately, and have been seriously lacking in quality sleep.

When a workout doesn’t make me feel better, I know I should start listening to my body and treat it to some R n’ R. I know I should, but I’m also…how do you say… Stubborn.

Regardless, here’s what I did today…


Leg Circuit & Cardio

Weighted burpees (20lbs) with pushup x 15 reps

Pop squats x 20 reps

Jump lunges x 15 reps/leg

Weighted hip thrusts (95lbs) x 10-15 reps

4 circuits with 1 minute rests between circuits.

Follow up with 30 minutes slow-paced treadmill on 15% incline, taking long strides and squeezing your glutes on each stride.


I’m going to be honest, I felt a little nauseous afterwards. But, I got ‘er done!

I’m going to bed early tonight…


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