I Have A Problem

My name is Lisa…and I’m addicted to Lululemon.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, as they say. So, I decided to pull out my Lululemon collection, and face it. Let me explain why…

A little while ago, the boy was looking for something and came across my Lululemon shopping bag stash. He lost count at 82… *gulp*… he was so shocked, he called me at work to tell me about his discovery.

What could I say?
I have a problem: I love Lulu. Is that really such a bad thing?

Hells no!

Men will never understand a woman’s love of all things Lulu. My good friend, Ang, has a collection of Scuba Hoodies. When I say “collection”, I mean, she has likely bought every colour combo the wonderous workers at Lululemon could dream up. To put that into perspective for those out of the Lulu-loop, a single, regular, plain old Scuba Hoodie costs (on average) $105. The price goes up if it’s a limited edition.

Everyone has their gym motivation. For me, it’s a new Lululemon piece. The smell of the new luon fabric, the cool feel of the material, the comfort when you slip into Lululemon wear… I’m ADDICTED! And I’m not alone by any means. I found a few Facebook groups, which are basically groups of enablers – places to swap, shop, share, and discuss all things Lululemon.
Thursdays are like Saturdays in the Lululemon realm. That’s when new lines are released, and older stuff goes on sale online. At precisely 11am the messages fly on Lululemon facebook pages, the buying begins online, and hot items sell out immediately. Everyone pretty much knows what’s coming, because there are a lot of “inside traders” that “leak” information out to Lulu lovers well in advance. It’s worth just sitting back and watching for some entertainment. I thought I was bad… there are some that have it worse. And that’s comforting to know.

What’s your gym motivation? Please leave comments below… that’s how great discussions are started! 🙂


12 thoughts on “I Have A Problem

  1. I appreciate the method you write your posts, incredibly skilled. I really could notice that you spent enough time and energy in composing your site as well as in discussing more information. I’ll take a note of your site as well as recommend it to my buddies.

  2. Yup! Very true!! Not only scuba hoodies but Remix, as well as Stride jackets! 17 to be exact 😁 no end to the addiction in site! Infact I’d love a job there to support my habit! I feel your pain Lisa. You’re not alone!!

      • Oh, you want to check it out then. The Amy tights are magically slimming, but their sizes tend to run big so size down – great for the self-esteem to when you can buy smaller sizes. Try the code ‘newfriend20’ at checkout for a discount too 😉

  3. Ya. I had a problem, then I worked there and the problem got WORSE because of employee discounts, but then I had to leave for real life and such. So now I look at the price tags and sigh. But you are right, it’s one of my go to “rewards” for acheiving a fitness goal/milestone… that and massages or manicures (because us fit gals know better than to reward with food right?). I typically just ask for it as gifts now.
    On the other hand their stuff lasts forever (I have a pant/top combo that I got 8 years ago and they are still going strong) so I have quite a collection between gifts, working there and the occasional splurge… plus they have a warehouse sale 2 times per year if you are willing to brave the throngs of crazy lulu addicts!

    • OMG this comment ended up in spam! – I wonder if the boy has secretly infiltrated my blog and didn’t want me to read about the warehouse sale… hmmm… suspicious!

  4. ….well Lisa, you already know i’m right there with ya “sista”…. 😦 my bag stash is hidden in the basement …… and i swear those buggers multiply like bunnies

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