Sat, 08SEPT12 – Arms & Cardio

Particularly tough one to even get to today.  I was up at 3am for a 5am-5pm shift, and nearly talked myself out of my workout afterwards.

But, if I don’t do the workout, who will? And so, I pushed myself harder and even increased my weight over last week.

Turned out to be a pretty great workout!


EZ bar curls @ 50lbs

Incline dumbbell curls @ 15lbs

EZ bar preacher curls @ 35lbs

Close grip bench press @ 65lbs (drop last set to failure)

Reverse grip bench press @ 80lbs / superset with single arm cable press down @ 15lbs

EZ bar skull crushers @ 50lbs


Incline walking on treadmill @ 8% for 20 minutes followed by 1 mile run (8 minute mile)

(Click here for a printable version of this workout)


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