Crowned a Pro IDFA Figure Athlete

So, I made it through the Ontario Police College, I made it through home training, and I made it through my primary and secondary coach officers. I could now pick up where I left off in the weight room, and put some focus back on building muscle. I enlisted the help of my old friend, the genius, George Tardik, for some nutrition advice, and did a posing session with the amazing Mindi O’Brien.

I got through the majority of my competition prep on my own by digging up old training logs and diet plans, and I did pretty good. (The Intenet is a wonderful thing.) But, I needed help through the final stretch, and found Amer. He took me through the final 4 weeks, including the dreaded “peak week”.

And so, after 3 years away from the stage, my return took place July 21st and 22nd, at the IDFA International Championships

Some last minute posing.

On the morning of July 21st, we packed what food I needed for the day – sweet potatoes and honey – and headed to Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga.

It felt great to be backstage again, and I was excited some of my platoon mates were there to cheer me on.

Joe made it out too, but didn’t get there on time for pre-show photos 😉

It was really great to have their support there, I can’t explain how much it meant to me. Thanks guys x

I was hungry, tired, excited, a little nervous, carb depleted, and thrilled to be in a class of so many beautifully buff ladies.

Seven of us walked out on stage, proud of our accomplishment to just be there on the stage, the sweat and grumbling tummies we’ve endured distant memories. The judges have us go through out quarter turns, as they compare our symmetry and muscle tone against each other. I was in the middle of the pack, and remained there – that’s a good sign, it means they’re comparing the others against you.

When we were called back out for the awards round I was nervous. Still a bride’s maid, or did I break that streak today?

Well, obviously I did, otherwise the title of this post would’ve been different.

It didn’t really sink in what 1st place in th Open class meant. I was a little confused when they brought out this framed piece of paper… Until I read it. It wasn’t pro “card”! I did it!!

Yay, I can eat again!! The first thing I thought of was the Coffee Crisp bar that was in my bag backstage. I still had the overall round to compete in, which, as the name implies, would determine the overall winner between the short class (which I won), and the tall class that was won by the beautiful Jennifer Dunn, from Brampton.

Believe it or not, my Pro win was bittersweet.
Wait for it (I can hear you thinking, “what more does this girl want?!?)
IDFA President, Shaun Campbell, told me my pro title meant I was automatically entered into the Pro Show, which was the next day, and he expected to see me there. Gulp! But, but… I had plans to finally have a well-deserved beer (or two) with “the boy” (my boyfriend), and some guilt-free eating! After some discussion with the boy, and my friend from my gym, Alistair, I decided to return the next day. I wasn’t expecting to win anything at all. It still didn’t feel real.. me… a Pro Figure competitor. Crazy. I was going to go, because it was free, and to see what I was up against for future shows.
I got the “okay” from Amer, the boy took me out for a celebratory dinner at my favourite restaurant, Posticino. I was allowed a small glass of red wine. I ordered the filet mignon with gargonzola and pistachio sauce. I hadn’t had salt for a few days and was concerned the salt content would make me bloat overnight.
Thankfully it didn’t.
I didn’t expect to be invited back as a pro competitor, and the boy had a man-date with his brother, so I returned to Meadowvale Theatre alone. But, as always, the atmosphere backstage was warm and supportive. I instantly made friends with Marie-Chantal Diguardo, she was my competitor in the Pro Figure class.
Again, we went out on stage, went through our quarter turn comparisons, then nervously waited for the results.
I was in for a shock.
Luckily, my biggest supporter made it for the awards round.
What a weekend! I was even approached by Sheldon Joseph, creator of Organic Glo Posing Oil. He wanted me to join his Glo team. Amazing.
To find out more about this wonderful product, check out my review section.
Finally, after a long, exhausting, thrilling, and surprising weekend, I could relax, have a few beers and eat sushi!
I wasn’t allowed sweetener during show prep, which means I gave up coffee. That was the worst part of the show prep!
After a few days off.  Some “normal” eating…
Recipe coming soon in the Good Eats section
And pigging out…which included belly aches…
It was back to the gym. I’m a pro competitor now with IDFA, and have a sponsor I need to keep in show shape for.
I also have my eyes on bigger accomplishments… Look out Ontario Physique Association, I’m coming your way….
This time, I’ve enlisted the amazingly talented team of Mindi O’Brien and her husband Dennis Beitler, to help me attain my IBFF goals.

3 thoughts on “Crowned a Pro IDFA Figure Athlete

  1. Amazing
    If I had a guide as what to put in my fitness and mouth I would give it a go that said don’t think I could be as diserplined as you. Truly amazing! Well done 🙂

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