Digital Kitchen Scale

A must-have in any kitchen.

The only real way to track portions and exercise proper portion control is with a food scale. I’ve been through several over the years.

I’ve tried the cheap plastic ones with the removable tray. I promptly lost the first tray, and broke the second one. I also found myself getting frustrated because I couldn’t fit plates on top without them sliding off and my food ending up everywhere! Not to mention the reading wasn’t 100% accurate.

Digital is definitely the way to go. On top of which, you can get them fairly cheap on eBay. Don’t be discouraged that most of them are from Hong Kong – that’s the birthplace of electronics!

This one I picked up off of eBayhas been the best by far.

It takes two … size batteries, which last forever, and you can buy a bunch of them off eBay for less than $5. It has several different weight options: ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters, pounds, which is all you need really.

The flat design means I can place anything from plates to cups on top, without fear of losing my food to the dog.

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