Cable Squats

I love the cable machine. Not only does it ensure you work the targetted muscle, but your core is always engaged – a two for one!

The best thing about the cable squat is, it’s not just a great leg and glute exercise, it also ensures you engage your core throughout the move.

Starting Position

Set the pulley at the lowest height setting. You can use any handle you like here, but I prefer the close grip.

Stand far enought away so that when you are in the starting position the stack is lifted.

Keep your core tight and back straight.

Shoulders back and chest out.

Slowly drop into a full squat, keeping full control of your movement. Digging your heels in here will engage your glutes. Lean slightly back, the tension in the cable will provide counterbalance, allowing you to drop down into the full squat. Be careful not to round your back. Pay attention to form.

Return to the starting position by squeezing your glutes and driving your hips forward. Keep your core TIGHT.

Are you beginning to see the theme here?


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